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Early elections in Chisinau?

May 8, 2009
Leaders of the three opposition parties who have entered the Parliament in Chisinau in April rejected the Communist Party (CP) proposal to accept the position of Vice President of Parliament. CP decided on Thursday that the heads of the legislature would return to the current head of state, Vladimir Voronin.
Without a vote of opposition, the Communist majority in the Chisinau Parliament will not be able to elect a new president of the country. This could oblige to organize early elections.

If this happens, the opposition parties are convinced that Russia will not support again the communists. And without Moscow funds, CP chances to remain in power are very low.
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  1. May 8, 2009 10:12 am

    “Moscow” and “withdrawal” are an unlikely match and don’t usually tolerate each other in the same sentence. Just like their Russian counterparts, “Москва” & “Уступление”. And funds for the Communist Party aren’t really an issue, since Voronin has a good grip on most of the country’s feeble yet active financial system who, by the way, has not been affected by the crisis as much as the western banks, since in Moldova it’s hell to get a loan anyway, so people there are savers, not loaners. I am only curious to see whether Voronin would finally yield to reason and share the power or carry on as usual and regardless. Because that would mark an important leap towards democracy or pure dictatorship, either way it happens.

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