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Vladimir Voronin scenario (I)

May 8, 2009

The Moldavian journalists start gathering evidence that the allegations made by Vladimir Voronin regime against Romania, as to certain connection with the post-electoral events in Chișinău are part of a carefully orchestrated scenario. Political but also business interests of the empire of Oleg Voronin, the son of the president keep an important place in this scenario. According to an investigation of Ziarul de Garda, a fabulous governmental contract was given to “Glorinal” – well known as one of the Oleg Voronin companies – to repair Presidency and Government building. But the company got the contract last year and the two official buildings were devastated last month, during the street protests in Chișinău.

About “Glorinal”
Nominated as the best company of the year, “Glorinal”, leader of the construction sector in Moldova, became the winner of a contest held by the Chamber of Commerce in Chișinău and received the Grand Prize “Golden Mercury”.

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