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Peaceful news from Moldova

May 18, 2009

Finally we received some peaceful news from the the Republic of Moldova, in the wake of the presidential elections. I mean, peaceful news for the Romanians but especially for our neighbors across the Prut. Due to an excellent organized work during Eastertime and in May, the state Moldavian Railway Company fulfilled all the requests of its passengers. Of course, those ones related to the public transportation. As to the relationship with Romania (the railway relationship, ie), everything was OK. No less then 108 wagons of the 105/106 route circulated from Chisinau to Bucharest, informs Moldova news agency.

According to the same source, all the Moldavians will receive their pensions just in time, so those who gave their votes to the communists have no reason of concerns. Furthermore, “Moldova’s Post”  company denies the recent information  that “postal factors were forced to write notes about the fact that they dared to pay money to pensioners without the prior consent of the company heads” and stated absolutely official: ” This is an obvious deception”.
Another positive info from Chisinau  – tomorrow, the RIA Novosti branch in Moldova will analyze the parliamentary campaign and also the technologies used by the losers of the elections.  Who will do all these? Well … the representatives of the Russian press, special guests coming from Moscow for the event. They will finally say us the truth about the April coup d’etat and the involvment of the foreign services.
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