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Moldova doesn’t care about the Vienna Convention

May 19, 2009

Romania denies the appointment of a new ambassador into Moldova – although this function is vacant from April 8th. Furthermore, Bucharest administration plans to promote as charge d’afaires a diplomat from the Romanian Embassy in Chisinau. At least these are the headlines of both Omega and Moldova news agencies. Both institutions, symbol of the free and democratic media in Chisinau argue that the decision belongs to Romanian President Traian Băsescu, and remember us that former Ambassador Filip Teodorescu was declared persona non-grata due to his personal involvement during the violent events of April 7. As to the Romanian foreign minister Cristian Diaconescu, he is quoted to say that the appointing of a new ambassador will be postponed until the election of the Moldavian President and Government.

It looks like some official guys in Chisinau would not only need a few diplomacy lessons but also reading the Vienna Convention, to see how are going on the international rules concerning the accreditation of the diplomatic staff. Such an action could be very appropriate, taking into account that the Convention was also ratified by the Moldavian administration in 1996 and came into force more then 10 years ago, in September 1988. Moreover, it will be very useful for the Chisinau guys to perform a simple search through the official correspondence with Bucharest, just to remember how things were happened.

Here is the whole story…

1. Bucharest administration (Presidency, MFA, Government, Parliament, etc.) never refused to appoint a new ambassador. It named Mihnea Constantinescu, the Parliament validated him in some days but Moldova refused his accreditation, blaming that his name was publicly disclosed before being accepted over the Prut.  But his identity was revealed according to the current legal procedures in Bucharest, which are, as far as I know, similary all over the world.

2. Due to the lack of Chisinau agreement for a new ambassador, the Romanian embassy must anyway to be led by a charge d’afairs, whether notified or not tel quel to the Moldavian MFA.

3. The Romanian Foreign Minister said at a certain moment (it was not an official statement) that Romania will nominate again a new ambassador after Moldova will have a new leadership. Why he said this? Because every ambassador’s appointment must follow a couple of official procedures, according to the accreditation country own rules. Among them, there are the delivery of the accreditation letters to MFA as well as some courtesy visits to the country officials. And for the moment there are not so kind of officials into the Chisinau administration offices. The election of a new president is still under the way…

4. The involvement of the former Romanian ambassador in the organization of the last protests in Chisinau was never proved. The only evidence are the communist regime allegations. The Romanian MFA officially stated its official position, as clear as possible,  since April 8.

“It is unacceptable that the communist power in Chisinau to transfer responsibility for the internal problems of the Republic of Moldova on behalf of Romania and Romanian citizen”.

It was very rarely happened to me to defend the state institutions during my whole career as a journalist. This is one of the few occasions when I felt like I really must do it, for the sake of the truth.

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