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Questions and answers at M140

May 21, 2009
Journalists, editors and bloggers from all around Europe gathered yesterday in London to launch M140,  a new analysis platform on  realtime media.

On the top of the agenda- the impact of  social networks, microblogging and Twitter on mainstream media. Different case studies about the influence of new media technologies in covering major events as the Iraq or Afghanistan war, U.S. elections and Olympics in Beijing were publicly disclosed for the first time. I have been following from Bucharest the event – by Twitter included, and I think it deserves to have a look at some of M140 main topics.

Questions and answers

  • How microblogging and Twitter would change the rules in some major areas as media advertising, marketing and PR? The answer should take into account some of the advantages of both of them- early warning function, picking up real news in real time, providing links to news and archives sources.
  • The impact of microblogging on news sourcing and distribution
  • Social networks as trade tools
  • The success, limits and the failure of Twitter in citizen journalism

I’m very disappointed that I ‘ve miss M140 (not my fault-not enough pub!) but hope to have soon a feed about the whole stuff and next meetings.


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