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D-day in Moldova

June 2, 2009

Repeated repeated elections today in Moldova. This is not an editing mistake, because we are actually talking about repeated, repeated elections. If they were not able to choose any president in April or during the Ispas celebrations, the Moldovan MPs will gather again today for the third time in just a few weeks. This new election attempt will take place just on Constantine and Elena orthodox celebration- one of the largest commemorations of the Orthodox Church.
What will be the outcome of voting today? According to a survey released on this blog, here are the expected results of the presidential elections of June 3.

Vladimir Voronin will announce his expected withdrawal from the political life 48%
Some of the opposition parties will move to PCRM 7%
The opposition will boycott voting 24%
The opposition will rich a deal with PCRM 13%
The communist Marian Lupu will leave the party and will be the sole opposition candidate 9%

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